Iberalter Virtual Product Development (VPD) is an approach that takes a design at the earliest concept stage and fully evaluates design specifications and usage scenarios, and then uses this information to guide the development process. Iberalter using VPD Techniques to detect problems or performance issues early in the product development process, problems can be corrected quickly. Making the physical test process a validation phase then reduces time to market. VPD gives device manufacturers a range of simulation technologies with which to test products for performance, durability, fatigue, safety, and other issues.

VPD processes and tools enable industrial device design engineers to innovate and move products through the approval cycle and into the marketplace as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, in consequence reducing time to market considerably in many cases.

Benefits of VPD Techniques:

  • optimizing product designs leading to improved performance
  • verifiable quality improvements
  • minimized operational problems and failures
  • reduces or eliminates physical prototyping
  • enabling more design interactions to be explored in less time
  • promoting quality and fostering innovation

One of the most relevant contribution of the VPD process is the capability to use simulation software to represent physical environments and events in evaluating the operability of a productdesign. Iberalter is developing itself VPD platform which allow achieve optimal and efficient results.